Always install ColdFusion Builder 2 as an Eclipse plugin

I recently picked up a 17" Macbook Pro and am in the process of setting it up as my primary development machine. I'm a long time user of Eclipse and moved from CFEclipse to ColdFusion Builder when version 2 arrived. I've heard a number of users complain about performance. Other than opening massive legacy files that contain thousands of lines of code, I haven't had many issues myself. The trick is to not install CF Builder as a stand-alone IDE. Here's why and how.


Looking for ColdFusion, Java, JavaScript, UI and SQL Developers

I have been at Equator for 2.5 years, currently a Senior Enterprise Architect and I'm having a blast working here. We have multiple openings in Los Angeles, Irvine, Plano, and Seattle. In addition to developers, we also need Business Analysts and Technical Project Managers. If you're interested in working with a leader in the Real Estate and Financial Services Industry, please read on.


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