Looking for ColdFusion, Java, JavaScript, UI and SQL Developers

I have been at Equator for 2.5 years, currently a Senior Enterprise Architect and I'm having a blast working here. We have multiple openings in Los Angeles, Irvine, Plano, and Seattle. In addition to developers, we also need Business Analysts and Technical Project Managers. If you're interested in working with a leader in the Real Estate and Financial Services Industry, please read on.


Check All Checkboxes with JQuery

I've been working with JQuery quite a bit lately and I'm aggravated that I didn't pick it up sooner. Someone on the DFW CFUG mailing list asked for a quick example of why they should use it. Another post on the JQuery list asked how to create a "Check All" box using JQuery. I decided to expand on the "check all" example I posted to the CFUG list to show how things have progressed from old school Javascript to JQuery.


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