I've had a lot of feedback on both the OOP and Mach-II series via e-mail, through comments and in person. Many people have said they've been trying to learn these concepts that "all the blogs talk about", that there aren't many resources out there and that my series has been easy to understand. Hopefully, and with some help, I can write a book that's easy to understand as well.

What will be in the book?

Some of what you've seen on my site will be in the book. We'll keep going step by step, learning about different objects and how they work with each other, and we'll be building an object model for a real application. I plan on getting much more in depth than I feel I can on a blog. I'd like to keep the same tone that I've had in my posts as much as possible.

The application will be a real application; something other than a Contact Management System or a Blog. It will also be built without any frameworks in order to work on learning the fundamentals of OOP.

I plan on including UML class diagrams, database models and code that will run on more than one database. We'll build a model that can talk to at least MySQL, SQL Server and Oracle based on application settings.

I also hope we'll discuss some best practices and coding standards.

After getting the fundamentals out of the way, I hope to delve into some of the current ColdFusion frameworks and why we should or should not be using them when developing applications. Hopefully, I can provide a version of the application that is built this way as well.

What level of programming will the book target?

Just like the site, I hope anyone will be able to use it. This book won't be a "here's how to use <CF* />" book. I think Ben has that more than covered. We're going to focus on how to write CF code from an Object Oriented point of view.

Beginners should be able to take what they learned from Ben's books and drop it straight into the objects we'll be discussing.

Mid to long term CF developers might see that all they need to do is change how they organize their code in order to take what they already know and reshape it to use objects.

What about the series on the site?

I'll continue to post to the series on the site with at least as much content as I have to date. I just won't be using Hogwarts for the database in the book, as I don't care to get sued.

Who is "and with some help"?

I've already had one well-known Dallas CF developer agree to contribute at least one chapter. Once I get closer to a final outline for the book, I may ask a few people in particular or I may start asking for volunteers. And this may not be for content; I may just need some help with code review.

Who's going to publish it?

That's a good question. If anyone knows who I could contact at O'Reilly, APress or any other major publisher about a new ColdFusion book, I'd appreciate the information. If I can't get a major publisher interested, then I'll publish it myself through an online resource.

When will it be available?

I plan on having at least the first draft done by Adobe MAX 2008 in November.