First, let me apologize for the recent lack of posts. I've been working on a number of projects at work and I just haven't been able to find the time for blogging. I just uploaded some tweaks to the site's layout. Please let me know if anything's out of whack.

I've got at least 5 posts for the OOP series rattling around my head. As soon as I get back from the conference, I'll make time to post them. The other bad news is that with everything going on at work, I've not had time to work on the OOP w/ CF book either.

However, I did recently submit an article for an upcoming issue of the Fusion Authority Quarterly. Titled, "You Might Have a Data Bottleneck if . . . ", it's an overview of a dozen common database issues with web applications. Make sure to put Jeff Foxworthy in your head as you read it.

I've added an About Me page, as well as my latest updates from Twitter in the sidebar. While I haven't had time for full-length blog posts, I'm constantly yammering on over at Twitter. There's a large group of ColdFusion and Flex people there. I highly recommend signing up if you haven't yet.

I'll be attending the CFUnderground conference, as well as the ColdFusion Unconference while I'm at MAX. Make sure to catch the Unconference as there's at least one freebie that I'm sure any CF user would love to have thanks to Fusion Authority. Also, make sure to attend my Birds of a Feather meeting on Monday night.

I'm off to take care of a few last-minute things and finish packing. See you at MAX if you're going. Stop me and say Hi anytime.