So the day after I won the iPod, I went to the DFW CFUG and won "Programming Flex 2" by O'reilly. We had two presentations in addition to the giveaways. I think everyone went away with something after Mike's and Luis' presentations.

Attend your local CFUG meeting

Last Tuesday the DFW CFUG had its last meeting for the year. We've been trying to have two presentations per meeting. The first is usually 30-40 minutes to cover some general topic and the second can last at least an hour depending on content.

Mike Kelp on Eclipse/CFEclipse

The first presentation was by Mike Kelp, local Flex Guru and contributor to the CFEclipse project. He went over a bunch of keyboard shortcuts that can be found in Eclipse, as well as some that are built into the CFEclipse editor. This was his third presentation on using Eclipse for development and they've all been really informative.

Luis Majano on ColdBox

The second presentation was by the primary version of Luis Majano on his ColdFusion framework called ColdBox.

From his site:

ColdBox is a proven event-driven CFC based ColdFusion Framework, specifically designed for high availability web applications. The purpose behind ColdBox was to create a fast & stable development methodology that could be shared among several developers. It makes use of an MVC (Model View Controller) design pattern implemented via CFC's. It uses event handler CFC's that hold all the code necessary to prepare views, call model CFC's or a business layer (Soap/ws/xml/J2EE) and render views (HTML).

After seeing the first bit of his presentation, I became convinced there must be more than one of his roaming around his house. There is so much built into this framework, you have to see it to believe it. You can view the presentation here:

Luis Majano on ColdBox

So who's using ColdBox? NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab for one.

The Giveaway

Twice a year, each CFUG gets some swag from Adobe, including a voucher for up to $2000.00 worth of Adobe products. If you've attended DFW CFUG meetings this year, your name was put into a hat (database) and a program was run to randomly pull a name from it. You had to be present to win, so there are a few people I know that are kicking themselves for not showing up.

I won the Flex 2 book and Joe Kelly won the big prize. Congrats to him.

Third time's the charm?

Let's hope this lucky streak I'm on holds out at tonight's poker game. :)