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Code and Video from my ColdBox Developers Week 2013 Presentation

I gave this talk at cfObjective() 2013 using an application built with no MVC framework. In "Better UI Means Better UX", I rebuilt the Kung Foo Gallery application using the ColdBox MVC framework. I was able to get a bit more in depth during this presentation (and all of my examples worked).

Better UI Means Better UX at ColdBox Developers Week 2013

On June 20, 2013 at 3pm CST, I'll be presenting a ColdBox version of my KungFoo Gallery application during ColdBox Developers Week. This online conference runs from June 17-21, 2013. 5 days & 19 sessions on ColdBox, ContentBox, WireBox, PhoneGap, REST, ORM and more.

Slides and Code from my cfObjective() 2013 Presentation

Slides and code are available via DropBox and Github. I've posted links on my Twitter account @iKnowKungFoo already, but here they are for those not following me (and why aren't you?). :)

Ditching ColdFusion's UI Controls at cfObjective

Saturday at 3pm, I'm presenting at cfObjective(). The title in the schedule says, "Building Modern ColdFusion Applications", but I should have asked them to update it to say, "Ditch ColdFusion's UI Controls". In this session, I'll cover why and how you can replace the native UI controls with HTML5 and some modern JavaScript and CSS libraries. I'm also running a Birds of a Feather session about Coding Standards and will be giving a Lightning Talk on my multi-monitor standing desk.

Installing ColdFusion 10 on OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion

While setting up my Macbook Pro for web development, I was flummoxed by the issues reported by many people trying to setup ColdFusion 10 on OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion, as well as Window 8. Adobe even has a pre-release program to test new installers for both. I can understand having problems with Windows 8, but installing on OSX 10.8 couldn't have been easier.